Elizabeth Selden

Published Author | International Speaker 
Teacher for Women’s Empowerment  |

qEEG Neurotherapist

“We are not aware of what exists beyond our perception of reality. In order to grow, we must be willing to allow ourselves to experience the discomforts of exploration
and the stretching of unused muscles.”

My Story

Elizabeth Selden has long been interested in what makes people tick. She received her B.S. in Speech Communications and Theater from Northwestern University followed by her M.Ed. in Secondary Education from Vanderbilt. Elizabeth went on to teach at several levels before leaving the conventional education system to more deeply connect with people. During this time, she’s explored a variety of healing arts and worked closely with individuals to help empower them and facilitate their self-discovery.

However, what makes Elizabeth most uniquely qualified to reach out and guide victims of sexual assault is her own experience. She overcame her sexual and physical abuse and now enjoys a fulfilling life, including a healthy marriage and three wonderful children. Now, she wants to help others realize that they have the same potential for happiness.

Elizabeth’s daughter was diagnosed with ADHD, depression, anxiety and a myriad of other concerns which were keeping her from establishing healthy relationships with family members, classmates, teachers and herself. Seeing her daughter’s struggle and depression led her to explore the field of neuroscience. qEEG Neurotherapy has become a steadfast tool in her home and has changed her daughter’s life, giving her hope and the clarity to be who she really is. Elizabeth is delighted to share her experiences and this powerful therapy with others.

When she’s not guiding others, she’s leading a rich life as a professional singer and actress. She’s also the creator of her own line of color therapy products. Elizabeth enjoys flexing her creative muscles writing children’s books that her kids illustrate. Finally, she’s a horror movie buff, animal training enthusiastic, and Celtic High Priestess.

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