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Teacher for Women’s Empowerment

Helping Women Conquer
Their Fears and Reclaim Their Power After Sexual Assault


Sexual assault is physically, emotionally, and spiritually damaging. Many women who suffer from sexual assault feel powerless and voiceless. Their fears and anxieties often take over and prevent them from embracing the life they were meant to live.


As a speaker, Elizabeth helps individuals conquer the fears and limitations that hold them back. She shows how to access their highest potential by understanding their fear and exploring the art of forgiveness. With her help, audience members can achieve peace, joy, incite passion, and rewrite their life stories.

Reclaiming the Yoni

Healing from sexual assault starts with taking back the power that was stripped from you. This means looking at your body in a new way, loving yourself, and seeing your physical self as a sacred temple once more. Elizabeth Selden talks with audiences about how they can move from victimhood through survivor and into conqueror. She helps audience members turn trials into triumph.

The Goddess Life

Women often struggle to be comfortable with their genuine personal strengths. Instructed to abandon qualities perceived as weak, many women integrate harsher, disingenuous traits that ultimately dis-empower them. Elizabeth brings audiences back to the divine grace carried by the goddess. She supports them in rediscovering their true strengths and how to integrate them into a modern world.

Embracing the Phoenix

Young girls are trained to accept certain physical, mental, emotional and sexual violations as “normal.” Elizabeth speaks to young audiences about how to reject this old paradigm and instead embrace a new and healthy perspective of themselves and the relationships they will cultivate.

Customized Speaking Topics

If you have a specific topic you’d like Elizabeth to talk about, just let us know and we’ll make it happen.

Previously requested topics have included:  
+ Igniting Happiness
+ Perfect Birthing
+ Tantric Living
+ Healing Dis-ease
+ Qabalah
+ Creational Magick
+ Shamanism
+ Living with PTSD

Meet Elizabeth

People Are Talking About Elizabeth

“Elizabeth is a dynamic and inspirational public speaker. I’ve been to many of her workshops and events and have always come away with renewed hope and inspiration. I am awed at her passion and tremendous knowledge of subject matter.” – J.Y.

About Elizabeth Selden

“We are not aware of what exists beyond our perception of reality. In order to grow, we must be willing to allow ourselves to experience the discomforts of exploration and the stretching of unused muscles.”

Elizabeth Selden has long been interested in what makes people tick. With a B.S. in Speech Communications and Theater from Northwestern University and an M.Ed. in Secondary Education from Vanderbilt. Elizabeth went on to teach at several levels before leaving the conventional education system to more deeply connect with people. However, what makes Elizabeth most uniquely qualified to reach out and guide victims of sexual assault is her own experience. She overcame her sexual and physical abuse and now enjoys a fulfilling life, including a healthy marriage and three wonderful children. Now, she wants to help others realize that they have the same potential for happiness.

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